Comprehensive Exam

The Doctors with DentaCare of Knoxville recommend examinations twice a year, with an X-Ray every year for best dental health. Call us today for more information.

At DentaCare, it’s our duty to serve our patients with pleasing, excellent care that goes above and beyond expectations.

Before your appointment starts, we take it upon ourselves to learn about your mouth’s history prior to the exam. Upon entering DentaCare, you will fill out a detailed health form showing medications you use and any past or present medical conditions. Giving us this information helps us understand any pre-existing conditions or issues you may have with dental care.

All of our patients at DentaCare then start a comprehensive exam and an oral cancer screening. The comprehensive exam consists of a cleaning, but it also includes an examination of the rest of your mouth – gum health, soft tissue, and even a head and neck exam outside of the mouth.

We perform an oral cancer screening to ensure you’re protected against periodontal disease. Per a study, four in five people contract periodontal disease at some point in their lives. By doing this screening, we can catch the disease before it gets worse and make life-changing adjustments for a patient.

We do this to get to know your mouth and your needs before performing any major procedures. This helps us identify if you have any problems, large or small. This also makes the rest of our process easier!