It is more likely than not that a patient will need a tooth filling at some point. Fillings are generally for patients with tooth decay or cavities, which happen naturally over time. Both represent a small hole in the tooth that we can fill with fillings made of composite resin. Our fillings are known as “tooth-colored,” because the composite resin closely resembles the look of a healthy tooth.

To determine if you need a filling, DentaCare staff will analyze your teeth and look for signs of tooth decay or a cavity. If a filling is necessary, we work with patients to set up an appointment based around their schedule.

To start the procedure, we numb the affected area with local anesthesia. We do this to avoid any pain or issues during the procedure when we operate on the tooth. We then use a bite block, which is a rubber material that keeps the patient’s mouth open. Then, we begin to remove tooth decay using several different tools that cleanly and precisely erase the decay from your tooth.

The composite resin filling resides in the area of former decay. After some minor touch-ups to ensure the filling is firmly implanted and safely in place, the filling process is done! It’s a relatively short process, and we look forward to helping you in this way at DentaCare.

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