Extractions/Wisdom Teeth

Adults may cringe when they see the words “wisdom teeth.” Studies show that

The doctors at DentaCare of Knoxville are ready to perform emergency tooth extraction and remove wisdom teeth by appointment. Call today to schedule an appointment.

85 percent of adults have had theirs removed at some point in life, predominantly before age 25. Wisdom teeth can cause great pain, and it’s more likely than not that our patients have to have theirs removed. DentaCare provides full services for this procedure and can consult you every step of the way as to your best options. We are upfront with costs, timelines, and risks for all patients, and wisdom teeth are no different.

Our wisdom tooth procedures are simple, and we work to ensure your safety and well-being throughout your procedure. We start with a thorough examination and X-ray of your mouth, focusing on the wisdom teeth to determine if removal is necessary. Once the patient and the doctor agree to move forward with removing the wisdom teeth, we create a timeline and financial plan for the patient to follow.

On the day of your procedure, we suggest arriving at least 15 minutes prior to procedure to fill out any remaining forms. As your procedure begins, your dental surgeon will use a local anesthetic for numbing the affected area(s) of your wisdom teeth. After confirming that these areas are numb, your dental surgeon will start opening the gum tissue above your wisdom tooth. If there is any bone structure covering the tooth, that will be removed. Then, the tissue connecting tooth and bone is severed. Finally, the tooth is removed. In some cases, surgeons will cut the tooth into smaller pieces for ease of removal.

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Outside of wisdom teeth, we perform other extractions for damaged and infected teeth. These can be due to several different factors, but the end result is that the tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair and requires an extraction. We recommend a similar course to wisdom teeth preparation for other extractions above. However, if your extraction is urgent, notify your doctor immediately and we will schedule your appointment as soon as possible. Be assured that we take great care of each patient during these procedures and implement several precautions to ensure your safety and well-being.

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