Emergency Dental Care from Emergency Dentists

DentaCare of Knoxville is available until 7:00 evenings and until 6:00PM Saturdays for emergencies and after hours care. Call today for an appointment.

There are traditional dentists and then there are emergency dentists. Traditional dentists close their offices around 5:00pm, and rarely are they open at any point during the weekend.  “Emergency dentists” accommodate patients both outside of normal business hours and resolve last-minute dental emergencies quickly and regularly.

Cracked teeth, broken teeth, toothaches, and other dental emergencies can occur suddenly.  You might be having dinner after work, for example, or be exercising at the gym over the weekend and crack a tooth in the process. These things happen, and our emergency dentists at DentaCare are here to provide fast, effective and affordable emergency dental care for you in the event a dental emergency happens.

We understand that dental emergencies aren’t something you plan for, and they often happen after hours. Our emergency dentists at DentaCare provide emergency dental care six days a week, until 8:00 PM on weekdays and 6:00 PM every Saturday.

The emergency dental care we provide mainly includes previously mentioned cracked teeth, broken teeth, severe toothaches, or a crown falling out of place. However, full services are provided at our dental office. So, don’t hesitate to come in and see us regardless of your need.

Where Can You Receive Emergency Dental Care?

Click here to schedule a same-day appointment or call 865-544-1711.

Our staff and doctors are on-site and able to provide rapid repair to help your mouth feel healthy again. We look forward to helping you providing you with fast affordable dental care!