Contact DentaCare of Knoxville today to find out all your options for cosmetic procedures for your most beautiful smile.

Composite bonding is a cosmetic technique where specially-formulated resins are shaped and molded onto a patient’s teeth. This helps create a whiter, straighter smile that stands out!

Our composite resins are used to fix chipped teeth, close gaps, and cover stained teeth and fillings.

DentaCare’s composite resin bonding can be completed in just one visit. At most, it takes two visits to complete.

This procedure is best for patients with minor problems or issues that need correction. Composite bonding is unable to correct smiles affected by overbite or underbite. It also can’t repair larger gaps or chips. Composite bonding is mostly made for patients who are looking for cosmetic fixes rather than wholesale change.

The DentaCare staff will help you determine if you’re a good candidate for composite resin bonding.  Your dental surgeon provides an evaluation, answers questions, and either helps you schedule your procedure or encourages other options if necessary.

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