Martin Roberson, D.D.S.

Martin Roberson, D.D.S. Knoxville Dentist

Martin Roberson, D.D.S., was born in Atlanta and moved all around the state of Georgia as a youngster. Growing up in a household where his father was a pastor for 31 years and his mother was a registered nurse, he learned the value of caring about others and working hard for a living. “With both my parents having careers involving the giving of themselves to others, I knew early on that I wanted to help people,” Martin states proudly.

From grade school to high school, Martin played all the sports he could. If it was a sport that involved him being outside, he participated in it. This desire to be outside would one day help him decide where he would live — someplace warm and southern.

In high school Martin got braces and developed a friendship with his Orthodontist his senior year. He admits, “I wasn’t all that thrilled about getting braces but it did open my eyes to a possible career.” He saw how he could help others and started considering becoming a doctor.

Martin went to college at Xavier University of Louisiana, the only historically African-American Catholic University in the country. It was there that he was exposed to several different paths to his future as a doctor. He looked at dental, chiropractic and medical schools. Then, over a summer break, he shadowed a dentist and realized that he had found his calling.

After graduating from Xavier University of Louisiana, he stayed in the South and spent his next 4 years attending the University of Tennessee-Memphis College of Dentistry. As he learned different specialties, his first thought was that Orthodontics could be his concentration. He recalls, “I really thought orthodontics was the way to go but as time went on, I realized that I wanted to do a little of everything, so I ended up in general dentistry instead.”

Martin Roberson, D.D.S., offers general dentistry, crowns, implants, exams and bridges.

Right before Martin’s junior year of dental school, the United States Air Force presented him with an offer he couldn’t refuse. For every year of service, they would pay for a year of college. So, he signed up and after graduating from UT-Memphis, he was stationed at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. He stayed there for a year of residency, practicing dentistry. “It was a great. It was like I had already left school and started a career,” he remembers. For the next two years he was stationed in New Mexico, at Canon AFB.

When he was done, he knew he wanted to live somewhere in the South, but returning to Atlanta was not in his plans. “Three words. Too. Much. Traffic,” he laughs. As fate would have it, he was visiting Gatlinburg and fell in love with the area. He also considered Nashville but friends in Knoxville told him how great it was to raise a family in Knoxville and convinced him to move here in 2009.

“I love Knoxville. It’s big enough to have some city life but also small enough to be laid back and peaceful,” Martin brags. Martin’s favorite part of dentistry is helping his patients have healthier lives. In his off time, he donates his time to the Volunteer Ministry Center, where he performs free dental care for people in need.

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