Total Mouth Restoration

Full mouth restoration represents an in-depth and long-term solution to your dental problems. The DentaCare staff is very experienced in restoration. They can guide you to choose the best solution based on several factors.

Full mouth restorations may involve:

These procedures are discussed on other areas of the site and are linked above. Essentially, we restore the affected teeth in your mouth or replace them if necessary to create a smile you haven’t seen in years.

Your dental surgeon at DentaCare will provide full information on all of your options. After that, the surgeon and patient can agree on what procedure is best. DentaCare helps you map out a timeline for your restoration, including budgetary concerns and best available times for the patient.

If you’re considering a full mouth restoration, click here to schedule a same-day appointment or call 544-1711. DentaCare is open until 7 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on Saturdays.