About DentaCare

Since 1985, DentaCare has provided Knoxville and East Tennessee with excellent, affordable dental care. DentaCare’s offers of same-day appointments, accessible hours for working people and a wide variety of services have led it to become a premier destination for dental care in Knoxville.

Our pledge to our patients is to provide care to them as we would to a family member. All patients receive a complete oral exam, X-rays, and an oral cancer screening before any treatment is done. This is so we can get to know you and your oral health better.

We are also up front about any costs. Our staff will go over expenses, insurance, and cost before any work is done to ensure that you are comfortable with your proposed service. Our goal is to achieve affordable dental care for all who come to DentaCare.

Our dentists understand how important it is to you to be stable. All work at DentaCare is centered around the care of a patient, and it is our duty to ensure we build trust in our relationships with patients through excellence in dental care and reliability. By providing same-day appointments, our patients are able to resolve both emergencies and general dental work in a rapid amount of time. If we can’t fit in your appointment on the same day, it’s very likely we will see you the day after.

DentaCare is open until 7 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on Saturdays.