Dental Care: How Regular Checkups Can Save You

dental care
15 Dec 2017

Dental Care: How Regular Checkups Can Save You

Everybody hates going to the dentist. But what if it ends up saving your life?

Dental care is one of the most important parts of your healthcare routine. However, many people put off proper care due to fear of the dentist.

Avoiding the dentist due to imagined fear can lead to some very real pain. And the cost of making that pain go away will always be higher than the cost of a preventative checkup.

Keep reading to discover more about the importance of regular dental checkups.

The Dental Care Dilemma

People give many excuses to avoid going to the dentist. These excuses usually revolve around a childhood fear of things like dental drills or just sitting in the dental chair.

There are also practical concerns for avoiding the dentist. These concerns typically revolve around finding either the time or the money for an appointment.

However, your body is a machine. And your teeth are like any other specialized equipment.

Imagine putting off a simple oil change until your car dies. The time and cost of fixing your car is much greater now than a simple oil change would have been.

A dental appointment is the “oil change” that your teeth need. And there are several ways that regular checkups can protect your teeth, save you money, and even save your life.

Detecting Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the scariest things that can happen to your body. Unfortunately, many people do not get diagnosed in time.

It’s difficult for most people to recognize the signs of this cancer on its own. This gives it time to spread without treatment, and it can eventually become life-threatening.

However, your dentist has special training on detecting the signs of oral cancer. They can often detect it when it is at its earliest stages. This gives you plenty of time to seek out any treatment you need.

The scan that the dentist conducts to confirm oral cancer is painless, non-invasive, and may be covered by insurance. However, the dentist cannot suspect or confirm oral cancer if you never go to your checkup!

Save Money

There is an old saying that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” That is doubly true when it comes to the dentist, because that ounce of prevention is much cheaper than the pound of cure!

Dental checkups and cleanings are relatively cheap. Most forms of dental insurance allow you to get at least one annual cleaning completely free of charge.

These cleanings are a great way to prevent the onset of things like cavities. It also allows the dentist to catch the early signs of more serious diseases.

Ironically, you’ll still end up at the dentist even if you skip checkups. The cost of removing cavities or getting other specialized treatments is far greater than a checkup, and these things may not be fully covered by insurance.

Ultimately, attending regular checkups helps save money.

Plaque Prevention

The dentist can help ensure that plaque is not building up on any of your teeth. Even those who regularly brush and floss well can easily miss spots where plaque is developing.

Plaque build-up can become tartar. This is much more difficult to remove without the help of a dentist. And all of this can lead to painful and expensive cavities.

Taking care of plaque before it becomes something more serious is one of the primary goals of dental checkups. It forms the core of the preventative maintenance that the dentist does for your mouth.

Avoid Future Complications

Plaque becoming tartar and cavities isn’t the only future complication you should worry about. There are a variety of scary complications related to skipping dental checkups.

One vivid example is an abscessed tooth. Those receiving regular dental care are far less likely to get an abscess. Once you have the abscess, though, it leads to many other complications.

These complications include pain and swelling and possible other side effects, including bone infection.

All of this can be avoided by recognizing the early symptoms of an abscess. Unfortunately, many people cannot recognize their own symptoms. This is why it’s so important to get regular dental treatment.

Prevent Gum Disease

Most people think the primary issue of plaque and tartar build-up are cavities. The threat of gum disease is also very serious.

Gum disease occurs when tartar has built up so much that it causes this infection. The nature of the infection causes your teeth to begin pulling away from your gums.

This can lead to several frightening issues that range from pain and bleeding of the gums to teeth falling out entirely.

Fixing gum disease means getting serious and expensive treatment. However, all of this can be detected and prevented through the application of regular dental care.

It Can Save Your Life

It may sound dramatic, but going to your dental checkups can actually save your life.

Your dentist may be able to detect the early signs of things such as oral cancer. They can also notice more subtle body issues such as nutritional deficiency.

The dentist may be able to notice cancer in adjacent areas, too, such as in your jaw or in your thyroid. These are areas that are unlikely to be examined by your general practitioner.

It may seem like the chances of something like cancer are low. However, dental checkups and cleanings primarily exist to keep your teeth clean and prevent cavities and gum disease.

Being able to possibly save your life is just another reason to go to the dentist!

The Bottom Line

You need to make dental care a regular part of your life. That means finding a local dentist you can trust.

At Dental Care of Knoxville, we have experienced doctors who can make our clinic a “one-stop shop” for you. Whether you need simple cleanings or even help whitening your teeth, we’re here to serve you.

Schedule your appointment today! And don’t forget to print the online coupon so you can save $25 off your first visit.

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